Monthly Archives: April 2006

FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2006

Island sketches While “island sketches” sounds like I’m going to wax rhapsodic about a recent trip to a tropical destination, the reality is it’s been three years since my last vacation, and it’s probably going to be two years until the next one. Boy, that’s depressing. No, these island sketches were prepared by Don Geiselman, […]

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2006

Chief cook and bottle washer Dawn went on a ‘spending spree’ this week, buying a table at auction for $110, a porch light on sale for $50, and a dishwasher for $2,800. In her defense, I was the one that wanted a commercial dishwasher. And I’m not talking about a fancy “pro line” model from […]


Dawn’s third (and final) to do list Within the next ten weeks, we should have the mansion ready and (hopefully) the Summer Kitchen as well. Unfortunately, the Paymaster’s Office will take a little longer. Notice I didn’t say “finished,” just “ready.” The stuff that is absolutely required in order for us to get our occupancy […]


Telephone wire Received this email from Dawn: While digging a trench across the driveway, Bob hit the phone line. 🙁 The phone company was called and today they came out to patch it; tomorrow they will come and fix it. The story goes something like this: – Hey Bob, I think you’re close if not […]


Latest colors We’re using Sherwin-Williams paint simply because they gave us a good discount, but the guys at the Lebanon store have been extremely helpful. For the rooms that aren’t yet painted, I used the “color visualizer” tool on the Sherwin-Williams website; hopefully you can tell which rooms aren’t ours!!  

MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2006

This week Except for Thursday, this has been a very productive week: We filed our taxes, and I was actually disappointed at how much we owed, since we’re going to be filing for a refund of all of it with the historic tax credits. We visited the furniture, and I’m always amazed at how beautiful […]


2006 PAII conference Two years ago, when we had no idea what we were doing, we went to a PAII conference (Professional Association of Innkeepers something, pronounced “pie”) in Rhode Island. Last weekend we attended the PAII conference in Phoenix, and we realized that in two years, we still have no idea what we are […]