Telephone wire

Received this email from Dawn:

While digging a trench across the driveway, Bob hit the phone line. 🙁 The phone company was called and today they came out to patch it; tomorrow they will come and fix it.
The story goes something like this:
– Hey Bob, I think you’re close if not over the phone line.
– No, it’s at least another foot over.
– No, I think it’s there.
– No, no, it’s over a bit.
– Ok, as long as you know.
– Anyway, I will just take one more swipe with the backhoe then start hand digging.
– Alright

I am walking away to get in my car and go pick up paint and I hear, “BRIAN, WHAT’S THAT??” I think to myself, don’t look, just keep walking, but Bob calls me and tells me he hit the wire. I say, no you did not. He says he hit the wire. I say, NO YOU DID NOT. Yes, he says, then proceeds to tell me why it happened. I cut him off and call the phone company. I am fit to be tied; I have no idea what the cost will be.