FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2006

Island sketches

While “island sketches” sounds like I’m going to wax rhapsodic about a recent trip to a tropical destination, the reality is it’s been three years since my last vacation, and it’s probably going to be two years until the next one. Boy, that’s depressing. No, these island sketches were prepared by Don Geiselman, our contractor’s father, for the kitchen island. Remember that this 8′ x 4′ monster is really our kitchen, because all of the wall space is taken by windows or existing cabinets. He also drew a sketch for a custom refrigerator cabinet, but we had to put that on hold because we couldn’t find a refrigerator to fit. (Seriously, we wanted a true “cabinet” fridge but the only one we could find was a Sub Zero and, in addition to the expense, Consumer Reports indicates their repair rate is three times higher than other manufacturers, and for a B&B that’s unacceptable). So initially we’ll just have our old refrigerator there, and we’ll work on the cabinet next year.