Dawn vents

About three months ago, Dawn sent me an update on the project, and it was such a rare event that I posted it to the web site. Well, she did it again:

So what needs to be done? What doesn’t need to be done. Monday, August 29th, the electrician is supposed to be here, the heating and cooling guy is supposed to start today, but only the cooling guy is here mapping out where the ductwork should go. Did I choose the right company, I don’t know, and yes I doubt myself on a regular basis. Not accustomed to this feeling, I become hostile. However I do try to keep it to myself. Mike the cooling guy was pleasant and seemed to know what he was up to, and was even figuring the future into his design work. I cannot picture what this house will look like when we are done. While Mike the cooling guy was about his business, the excavator showed up with 6 tons of stone dust for the bottom of the electric pad hole behind the privy. While we were talking I placed a call to the designer at PPL, who said there were additional requirements for the hole. I asked him to please come out and look before we did anything we would regret later. He obliged my request by coming by at 2:30 and meeting with the excavator and myself. He told us to put some of the dirt back in the hole and get another 10 tons of stone dust to place at the bottom of the hole AND the trenches. OK. Meanwhile the roofers started working on the gable ends and placing the copper gutters. Wait, I need a picture.

So back to the electrical pad hole. This is kinda done, and now I find out that while PPL could come out and install the pad sooner rather then later, the electrician needs to install the meter box and disconnect first, it needs to be inspected and then they will come out, so I really did not have to dig the trench NOW. It could have been done in two weeks. ACK. Where the &^%* is that electrician!

Ok, so a friend pointed out the other day that Gregg was having second thoughts about where to place the meter, but while he told everyone that would listen or for that matter read the blog, he neglected to tell me. I don’t know why, something about fear and worse things then death, blah, blah, blah. I have a call into Jason at PPL to find out if the other location is acceptable, but I have been told by the designer that my new location is not really a building, but a dilapidated wall with three other walls trying to stand next to it with no roof left to speak of. Hum sounds like most of the buildings. Needless to say I am ignoring the designer of the electrical pad and asking Jason, who was the one who told me I could have a pad instead of a pole.

So the east side of the house is getting pointed starting Sept 15 if we are lucky. The roofers want to leave the pent roof on that side unfinished until the mason comes; they also don’t want to place the downspouts on until the mason is done. The plumbing, the new well, the electric and the cable are all coming into the house at the same location on the east side of the house, and the gutters are to be fed into a pipe that runs underground along the east side of the house, around the corner, across the parking lot and driveway, and empties on the side of the hill- all of this needs to be coordinated and I am getting a little crazy because of it. I still need to dig out the dirt around the existing electrical going into that side of the house and it looks as though I will be the one to do it. Sigh.

I need to get all the windows and window sashes done by the end of September.

I need to hire a paver.

I need to hire an excavator to do the septic.

My mom calls – her email is down again. When I check it, I find that she has viruses again.

I am really cranky and mean to Gregg, I feel bad. Could it be that I didn’t fall asleep until 3 am?

Darin is hard at work glazing now, and Mike is taking care of the dormer siding.

I am sure there is more. Oh, I have learned to drive the dump truck, and at the end of the day, I went up the hill to start the burn pile on fire. Darin went with me because he had the lighter.

I called Toni; I need to know what type of inspections I need to have done, and when and who needs to do them – who do I call.

All in a days work, I am going to bed.

Sleep well, my love; you’ve earned it.