Dawn’s to-do list, updated

In early April, I posted Dawn’s to-do list. Let’s review:

– Gut the Summer Kitchen — done!
– Clean out basement, dig out mud, and pour a concrete floor — done!
– Install cellar doors on mansion, Paymaster’s Office — temporary doors installed!
– Clean off vines, remove bushes — done!
– Trim Sycamore trees — done!
– Remove rust from basement grills
– Scrape adhesive from kitchen floor — done!
– Take down wallpaper from 6 rooms + hallway — done!
– Remove all loose paint, plaster — done!
– Clean up entire farm (in April she had already filled two twenty-yard dumpsters) — she has now filled six dumpsters!
– Periodic site cleanup — done!
– Scrape paint off stairs; stain and seal
– Strip paint off 42 windows and 24 shutters (with a blowtorch!) — done!
– Repair, sand, prime, and paint all 42 windows and 24 shutters — halfway there!
– Prime all exterior trim — done!
– Buy all fixtures, from faucets to mattresses — bathroom fixtures ordered!
– Demo back porch on mansion — done!
– Remove boiler and oil tanks from basement — done!
– Remove linoleum under carpets in Summer Kitchen — done!
– Demo all ceilings in Summer Kitchen — done!
– Remove trash, organize barn — done!
– Clean out trash in Tractor Shed — done!
– Clean out basement of Paymaster’s Office — done!
– Remove couch and all other trash from Paymaster’s — done!
– Clean out dirt and debris from Privy
– Re-roof privy
– Remove all items inside workshop — done!
– Dig out mud on the first level, pour cement floor if needed — dug out!
– Repair floor joists/floor in second story of workshop
– Re-roof workshop
– Fix drainage around workshop
– Rebuild outside stairs on Aquarius (greenhouse)
– Install drapes on ceiling of Aquarius — done!
– Rebuild Mom’s green house
– Build basement steps in Tenant house
– Build a rail fence around the back yard
Not bad for six months! Of course, she’s done such a great job, we gave her all the interior painting as well. That will realistically take about three months, depending of course on how many people she can get to help. (Just call her “Dawn Sawyer.”)