The True Cost of Dawn

While Dawn was in LA last week, she was actually working–her old company needed her to cover for a week, and we are in no position to turn down money. Well, I just ran the numbers and found Dawn made a little over $1,000, and spent $1,400!

My first thought, of course, was that Dawn was never coming to LA again. But then I realized that, on average, she spends $5,700 per week in Pennsylvania! So if I had any sense, I’d whisk her back to LA immediately!

But then she sends me a copy of the appeals board decision, and I remember that she just saved us over $50,000, and that wouldn’t have happened if she had been in LA. So it’s all good, I guess.

P.S. Most of Dawn’s expenses were in dental work–she likes her dentist here and refuses to find one in Pennsylvania. (She’s already got an appointment in December to get a crown replaced.)