Sometimes web surfing takes you to some odd places, and yesterday I found myself at the “Outhouses of America Tour.” As the title suggests, they have pictures of outhouses from all over the country, and I suddenly realized (which is kind of scary) that we have a great outhouse!

Most outhouses are wood; ours is stone. Most seat one; ours has three holes and a divider wall (although we can’t tell which side was which). Most have a crescent moon for light and vent; we have two original windows! Of course, ours is in pretty sad condition — the roof has partially collapsed — but it’s on the list to be restored, and it (along with the other 18th century buildings on the property) are being listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Suddenly I’m feeling like we shouldn’t be mounting the electric panel on the privy as we planned. I mean, there’s lots of 18th century stone houses in the country, but how many 18th century stone outhouses are there?