SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2005

Dawn’s home!

For the first time in three and a half months, Dawn came back to LA. For four days.

I certainly kept her busy visiting friends and family, and in between she kept herself busy taking care of the yard and the house. (In my defense, I did a lot of work before she got there, but when you’ve neglected everything for three and a half months, it’s hard to get everything.) I even set up the hot tub for her, but we were so busy she never had a chance to enjoy it.

She also spent a day at her old workplace (making a little money) and we went shopping for engagement rings (spending a lot of money).

We tried to take stock of the project, and realized world peace was a more achievable goal. Now that the basement is finished, Dawn is getting antsy to get the mechanicals in place. The first to go is the ductwork, because it’s the bulkiest, but we’re still working out the details on the (sigh) conventional heating and cooling systems. (With oil approaching $60/barrel, I know I’m going to regret not using geothermal in a few years.)

The roof is almost ready for the roofers, and Dawn has decided on the colors. My cousin’s son (my second cousin?) is coming in at the end of the month to help paint the exterior, and we’re also trying to get our god-children, nieces, nephews, and pretty much anyone who says “hi” to us, to come and help. (We scheduled the wedding in October, so there will be plenty for the family to do. 🙂

Dawn finally updated the furniture list, so we know what the good folks at The Restoration Clinic will be working on for the next six months. I understand they’re already re-stringing the chandeliers. I can’t believe we’ve had everything in storage for nine months and haven’t gotten anything done — out of sight, out of mind, I guess.