This Old House

This Old House is apparently considering our contractor, Gary Geiselman of Olde York Homes, for their “top 10” list of historic restoration contractors. Very cool; we can’t recommend Gary and his team enough. (And we’re not saying that just to get mentioned in the This Old House article.)

Speaking of which, while Dawn was gone, they installed the new beam to straighten out the old dormer, so of course we have no video of them jacking up the roof. Mike was replacing the roof around the dormer so Dawn climbed out onto the roof — an old, steep, slate roof, I might add — in order to get a picture. Way to go, Dawn! Mike just shook his head and asked again if he could take out an insurance policy on her. As he said, “Not enough to get rich, but it is a guaranteed payout.”

Yesterday Dawn called the local gas company to drain the underground propane tank, and today they showed up and removed it. I guess that’s one less thing we have to deal with later, but now there’s a huge hole in the yard. Did I mention the blind horse? Not a good mix. Dawn assures me the hole will be filled in by tonight. She also took pictures of Brian lying in the hole with a flower on his chest. Very sick. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

Finally, Dawn signed up with Verizon today. I’ve mentioned before that her T-Mobile service was so bad, people would ask her not to call them. Unfortunately, when Dawn called to complain, they were very rude to her. (Someone actually told her that since he could hear every third word, her coverage was adequate!) She’s got enough problems right now without having to deal with jerks, so I told her to switch and I’d take care of the contract.