Dawn speaks!

Out of the blue, Dawn sent me this synopsis of the day. She’s never done that before, so I’m just posting it verbatim.

Mike continued to prep exterior third and second floor windows with hardener today, Scott was nowhere to be found (day two). Brian showed up right behind Mike at 8:30 and started making the chute for the concrete to go in the basement. I have no idea where I was while this was going on, I think I was priming the exterior molding in the parlor. That is my base of operation for the primer; right next door is my paint removal room for the sashes.

Today Darrin removed all of the second floor windows and sealed them with plastic. He is very much the help. I don’t think we could have done this without him.

Bob got here at 11 and helped Brian. Together they removed another one of those sorry-looking trees from in front of the house and dug out some of the soil. What a mess. They got rid of the tree up the hill somewhere – I don’t want to know.

The bees are in full force and I am buying lots of poison for the guys.

Mike has removed another piece of molding on the back and pulled out all of the nests built over the past 200 years.

Bob brought me an info sheet from Wengers on the boat that we sold for a nominal amount–they are asking $450 and touting that it was C. Columbus’ boat. Why didn’t I think of that?

The dehumidifier is working overtime. I hate picking colors. Regina’s son is going to rescue me from painting the entire house. I went to get my primer today and forgot my colors. Now I have to go back tomorrow morning before anyone gets up and get it 6:30am. Yuck!

I tried to clean the house, but it got too dark so I went down and got a long-deserved shower – Ahhh.

The dust is unbelievable. Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever see through my glasses again. Everything sticks to me. Oh and I left a warm and sunny farm and drove straight into a downpour, got soaked running into Home Depot, did my shopping and ran back through the rain and drove straight out of the downpour, and back to the sunny farm. Go figure. Well at least the guys where able to work with no interruptions.