Monthly Archives: September 2003

September 19, 2003

Well test I know this may sound silly, but one of my concerns about moving to the farm was the water. In L.A., we import our water from other states – getting it from your own property seemed, somehow, wrong. Plus my L.A. water is constantly tested – it’s unhealthy and foul tasting, of course, […]

September 4, 2003

Forgotten Seasons We met Dale and Suzanne of Forgotten Seasons B&B. They had referred one of the contractors, so we just wanted to thank them and maybe talk about the business a little. We ended up staying four hours–it turns out their house is older than ours, and Dale knew a lot about Speedwell Forge! […]

September 3, 2003

Doug Dinsmore About fifteen years ago, Dawn’s parents sold several hundred acres to the county, which created Speedwell Forge Park. They left it “natural” (ie. undeveloped) but last month Doug Dinsmore of Skelly & Loy contacted us because they were “inventorying” the history of Speedwell Forge. Talk about serendipity – here I am starting to […]


September 2, 2003: Beginning We met with two contractors, and I feel like a complete ingrate. In my defense, I am a Southern California native, and we’re not known for historic sensitivity. Also, Dawn told me we’d be restoring the place before I even saw it, so whenever I visited I just saw the problems […]