September 4, 2003

Forgotten Seasons

We met Dale and Suzanne of Forgotten Seasons B&B. They had referred one of the contractors, so we just wanted to thank them and maybe talk about the business a little. We ended up staying four hours–it turns out their house is older than ours, and Dale knew a lot about Speedwell Forge!

Their house used to be the Huber Tavern, built by Jacob Huber c.1730 (although you couldn’t tell from the outside because some idiot had covered it in permastone in the 70’s, and you can’t take that stuff off without destroying the stone underneath). Jacob Huber also built Elizabeth Furnace, which is now the Coleman-Stiegel Mansion. Robert Coleman was the son-in-law of James Old, who built Speedwell Forge! (And we later learned James Old bought the land from Jacob Huber.) It was a giant jigsaw puzzle and Dale laid it all out for us. (Well, for me at least; Dawn could care less about history. As I told the contractor yesterday, Dawn wants to restore the house to c. 1975, which is how she remembers it.)

They are both wonderful people, which of course makes us even more enthusiastic about renovating the house and opening a B&B.