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FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2006

B&B Convention Dawn and I are meeting in Phoenix this weekend for a four-day B&B convention, with such titillating workshops as: Selling to the Affluent Yield Management for Inns Master of Disaster: Planning for the Worst The Art of Fruit WalMart Budget, Tiffany Dreams First, Do No Harm: Safety in the Kitchen Granola…Much More Than […]


Money I just loaded three months’ of receipts into Quicken, and it told me we’d spent $173,000. I was upset, I was mortified, but I wasn’t surprised. I was also wrong. Turned out I’d seriously screwed something up and the actual figure was under $100,000, but that’s not the point. The point is that when […]


Dawn sends status…and pictures! Two of the painters, Elmer Stoltzfus and Southern Long, started on Monday in the offices [third floor attic area] of the mansion. They should finish tomorrow and start moving down the stairs to Bill’s room, then the Boys’ room, then the hallway, then maybe to the game room. Jay Bowman started […]

FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2006

Awesome facts about the history and restoration of our B&B If anyone is interested, here are some of our stories, and I will do everything I can to “feed the beast,” so to speak. One of the walls we removed was made with hand-split lath and hand-forged nails, dating it to c. 1795. We have some […]


From Barb Raid of Historic York, Inc. Hi, Dawn & Gregg — Congratulations, the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Board approved the Speedwell Forge Homestead nomination yesterday with no difficulty. Two of the board members (June Evans, who you met at the site visit, and Scott Standish of the Lancaster County Planning Commission) had nice things to […]

SUNDAY, MARCH 05, 2006

Update on Dawn’s tasks On October 15, I published Dawn’s new to-do list. Let’s see what she’s accomplished in the last five months: Mansion Repoint east side, spot point as needed (Hollenbeck) — repointed entire building! Finish east gable, downspouts, front porch — east gable and front porch finished Insulate between all floors (blown-in blanket) — done! Paint all […]

SUNDAY, MARCH 04, 2006

Cheating As I’ve mentioned before, plastering is a lost art. And to the people who used to do it for a living, I’m sure they said “good riddance.” First, you had to put up lath, which originally was thin strips of bark or leftover wood, whatever you had available. This was nailed to the frame […]


The retaining wall I mentioned our first fight was over the bathroom fan switches. I may have mentioned our second argument was over the retaining wall. The east slope had slid into the house, and the dirt was two feet higher than it should have been, so we knew we had to do something. My […]