SUNDAY, MARCH 05, 2006

Update on Dawn’s tasks

On October 15, I published Dawn’s new to-do list. Let’s see what she’s accomplished in the last five months:


  • Repoint east side, spot point as needed (Hollenbeck) — repointed entire building!
  • Finish east gable, downspouts, front porch — east gable and front porch finished
  • Insulate between all floors (blown-in blanket) — done!
  • Paint all windows and sashes; hang windows — done!
  • Move basement door — done!
  • Paint front porch — stripped
  • Install whirlpool bath; put air pump in kneewall above (AH Moyer) — done!
  • Install humidistats in all bathrooms — done!
  • Run electric to all fireplaces (need 220V for kitchen stove?) — done!
  • Run electric to cedar closet (need 220V for electric dryer?) — done!
  • Install illuminated exit signs, emergency lighting (Joel Miller Electric) — wired!
  • Install window and door contacts (for burglar alarm) — wired!
  • Install pulls and horns around mansion (for fire alarm) — wired!
  • Run line sets from workshop for air conditioning — done!
  • Finish air conditioning ducts; install remote temperature sensors in return ducts — done!
  • Run new black iron pipe to all radiators — done!
  • Install 75 gal propane water heater and recirculating pump — done!
  • Buy and bury two 1,000 gal propane tanks — done!
  • Strip and re-paint all radiators — done!
  • Run radiant flooring under kitchen, bathrooms (except boys’ room) — done!
  • Tie waste lines to septic system — done!
  • Install chimney caps — east side done!
  • Restore iron firebacks — done!
  • Buy four electric fireplace inserts, one stand-alone fireplace — done!
  • Repair lath and plaster — done!

Summer Kitchen

  • Clean chimney — done!
  • Replace roof and gutters — done!
  • Buy and install new front door — found one on the property; not installed yet
  • Reinforce flooring upstairs; fix “bump” — done!
  • Install air handler — done!
  • Install electric panel — done!
  • Re-plaster brick wall; repair walls — done!
  • Buy and install stand-alone gas fireplace downstairs — done!
  • Run water and propane from mansion — done!
  • Run electric/telephone/cable/LAN/fire/burglar cables from mansion — done!
  • Run line sets from workshop for heat pump — done!
  • Install propane line to fireplace, hot water heater — done!

Paymaster’s Office

  • Finish cleaning — done!
  • Remove linoleum floor, brick “wallpaper” — done!
  • Clean chimney (flue okay for gas fireplace?) — done!
  • Move cabinet doors; create new wall — done!
  • Install electric panel — done!
  • Install propane line to fireplace, hot water heater — done!
  • Buy gas logs for fireplace — done!
  • Remove electric meter — done!
  • Run water from mansion — done!
  • Run electric/telephone/cable/LAN/fire/burglar cables from mansion — done!


  • Drill well — done!
  • Install well pump — done!
  • (November)Install new roof and gutters on workshop — done!
  • Install new drain along driveway — done!
  • Finish septic system — done!
  • Insulate old well house — done!
  • Build retaining wall on east slope — done!
  • Run telephone line under road into basement — done!
  • Restore bookshelf in basement — done!

In addition, Brian took out the stairs to the workshop, which apparently were not built correctly and ready to collapse. But that also means we have to replace them.

That’s quite a bit of work for five months, but there’s still so much left. Now that the plaster is finished, paint is Dawn’s next priority — and with so much trim and ornamentation, that’s a huge job by itself. Olde York Homes will be looking to finish the cottages, and also build the kitchen island. Village Glass has more than enough windows and storms to stay busy for four months, Henry Hollenbech still has the summer kitchen to repoint, and Brian, poor Brian, gets everything nobody else wants.