Media exposure

I just got back from a “site visit” (i.e. weekend trip). Last week I contacted the local papers, and the Lebanon Daily News published this blurb on Friday, under “Coming Events.” I intentionally did not include an address, figuring people would call for directions and that way I could get a headcount. I only got two calls, but 30 people showed up! (I still don’t know how they found the place.)

The Lancaster New Era didn’t post a notice (which I’m now very grateful for) but they sent a photographer to do a spread in the “Your Life” section of the paper. Look for it in the December 1 edition. (Hopefully I can get permission to repost it here, just like their last article.)

Finally, when the photographer for the Harrisburg Patriot-News was here last month for the story on Olde York Homes, I took him over to the Wolf Sanctuary and he snapped some pics. Apparently the newspaper liked them so much, they ran on article on the Sanctuary on Sunday,