Mike and Mike

Mike and Mike, normally “the HVAC guys,” became “the propane guys” for the day. Dawn had two 1,000 gallon tanks installed and filled in preparation for winter. I saw the bill and immediately started wondering, why didn’t we put in geothermal again?

We were originally going to install the propane tanks directly behind the house (buried, of course) but then Dawn found out that a regulator needed to stick up 16 inches above ground. (Again, nobody seems to get that we want to restore an historic building, not create a shrine to modern conveniences.) So she moved the tanks up the hill, informing me (after the fact) how much more it would cost to run the extra piping.

And then to add insult to injury, they still needed to put a regulator directly outside the building, so we have a little pipe sticking up outside all three buildings. Argh…