Stir Crazy

Most people instinctively know that they could never live with their parents again, so this should come as no surprise. To anyone contemplating it, don’t. Better to be homeless. They know all of your hot buttons, and you know all of theirs, and for some reason with family you never exercise any restraint, and pretty soon you’ve started Armageddon.

Dawn is quickly remembering why she left for college at 17. Her mother is a dear, don’t get me wrong, but tonight she told Dawn she couldn’t drive to Delaware because it was “too dangerous.” Dawn is a very head-strong person, and nothing rubs her the wrong way like telling her she can’t do something.

High speed Internet was installed today. To save a few bucks, I had them install the cable modem in Dawn’s mother’s house, with a wireless router so Dawn could use her laptop in the greenhouse. At least, that was the theory. The reality is that the wireless signal doesn’t get past the front door, so Dawn is stuck in her mom’s house. (The term “powder keg” comes to mind.) And when things reach the flashover point in about two weeks, that’s when I visit…

Over at the mansion, Dawn had three people moving any remaining items into storage, as well as cleaning out the milk house. (Speedwell used to be a dairy farm.) We rented a 30-yard dumpster, which yesterday Dawn said was enormous, today she said was half-full. She even had someone from Horst Auction over to see if anything could be recycled (i.e. sold) — nope, not a thing.

I’ll end this on a somber note: Look around your house and ask yourself, “When I die, what is going to happen to all of this stuff?” If the answer is, “Someone will throw it away,” then do everyone a favor and throw it away yourself.