Lancaster New Era

Yesterday, Dawn woke me up at 7am (apparently forgetting the 3-hour time difference) and put me on the phone with a reporter from the local paper. I thought he was doing a story on the wolves and just asking about the house, so I talked to him but I didn’t really say much. In fact, I don’t even remember what I said — it was 7am! (Yes, I know not being a morning person is a liability in a B&B; I’m working on that.)

Anyway, today Dawn tells me that he wasn’t there for the wolves at all. Our application had come before the county planning commission meeting, and he was just interested in us. Talk about your blown opportunities! I just flunked marketing 101! I couldn’t believe it. I called him and left a message, apologizing and asking him to call me back. Dawn said he was even thinking about a series of articles!