Elizabeth Township

We met Rita Snavely, the township zoning officer, and Amos Miller, the township sewage enforcement office (what a title). Rita told us we need to appear before the zoning commission to get an exemption in order to operate a B&B in a rural zone, and they only meet once a month. The only time our vacation schedule overlaps is in September, but as long as we’re done by October, that should be fine.

Amos told us we needed to test the existing septic systems and, if they fail, we need to replace them. Well, we already planned on replacing them (they’re all 40+ years old), so no need to do anything there.

And that’s it! I already spoke with the state about food service and alcohol permits, and we don’t need anything there. I love this small-town atmosphere; California would have buried us under permits (and fees). The only thing we have to deal with – this is a big unknown – is the new building code, and the occupancy permit at the end.