TUESDAY, JUNE 07, 2005

Geothermal is dead The geothermal is dead -- quote number 3 came in the same as quotes 1 and 2. We may look at air souce heat pumps, but they tell me it would be better to just use the radiators and install air conditioners. The new colors: red=door, [...]

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Meltdown The boiler in the mansion cracked. They are having to add water twice a day to keep the radiators going. (Of course, I'm in Los Angeles in 70-degree weather, wondering what the big deal is.) As long as they keep adding water, it should limp through to April, and [...]

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So You Want To Be An Innkeeper Years ago, I made the stipulation that if we were going to invest our life's savings in restoring the mansion, it had to be self-sustaining - that is, it wouldn't become a money pit - and Dawn suggested a B&B. She even called [...]

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