FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2006

A sign

Last October, Dawn and I spent a solid week working on a street sign, but we didn’t like any of our designs. We finally met with a signmaker, but we didn’t like his designs, either. Frustrated, we shelved the whole thing until…now.

We’ve been using the mansion as our logo, but it didn’t make sense to put a picture of the mansion on a sign in front of the mansion. (Especially when the picture is of the back of the mansion.) So we decided to just put our name, tagline, and phone number, but then we realized we aren’t going to get any drive-by traffic, so that didn’t make sense. We tried forge-related logos, like a hammer or a blacksmith, but that screamed “industrial park” instead of “historic elegance.” Finally we just put our name and the picture of the speedwell flower (from our home page) on a simple red background.

We were actually pleased with this, until we saw what it looked like hanging from the existing sign.