Dawn’s status

Dawn wrote:

The condensors were installed today. Mike started installing the shoe molding in Bill’s room. I primed about ten peices of shoe molding and five window sashes for the Summer Kitchen. Mike is off the week after next for vacation. I watered half an acre today, and noticed baby grasses here and there. How exciting. Darin came by and picked up some of the Paymaster sashes that need repair and will deliver them to his father Richard. Richard is working on the card table for the Boys’ room and it should be back sometime this month. The painters are working on the grand stairway, Matt is priming the mansion exterior doors, Ted is preping the exterior to the Summer Kitchen. Brian and Bob will start hiding the drains along the driveway. Then Brian will start the basement doors for the Mansion and Paymaster.

I have received the cabinet shipment, and a Timex alarm clock radio with MP3 line-in and nature sounds. I have scheduled the electricians to come and do finish work (install lights) July 5th. I have picked the granite for the kitchen island. The range hood is installed and works. The ceiling and walls in the utitlity room are complete. The coolant lines have been run but not connected yet. The island is being built. The floor guys come back on Monday for the week. The tiffany billiard light has been delivered.

What’s amazing is that all of this happened within two days after I was there. Maybe I should visit more often…?