The Top 10 reasons to stay at Speedwell Forge B&B:

10) Built in 1760, and it’s not a pile of rubble like most historic sites.

9) Comfortable and friendly, unlike your in-laws house or your friend’s foldaway sofa.

8) It’s close to Lititz, which has an historic chocolate factory and an historic pretzel bakery, but doesn’t sell chocolate-covered pretzels.

7) Quiet and secluded, with about 1,000 acres of nature (including the lake and the park) for hiking, bicycling, canoeing, and birdwatching. Great for catching fireflies, bad for peoplewatching.

6) Close to Amish farms, but not too close–they use organic fertilizer, if you know what I mean.

5) A three-course breakfast served every morning. Just don’t wear your pajamas in the dining room.

4) Fresh-baked desserts every evening. That beats a chocolate chip cookie any day.

3) The Paymaster’s Office, a private cottage with a huge fireplace, in-room whirlpool bath, views of the creek and wetlands, and its own kitchenette. Heck, even I want to stay there!

2) Tours of the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania, right next door. Warning: You may me awakened by howling early in the morning.

And the number one reason to stay at Speedwell Forge B&B:

1) It’s in Lancaster County, one of the most picturesque locations on the east coast, filled with great food, friendly people, and plenty of unique and interesting things to do. It sure beats Cleveland.