A variety of events have conspired to prevent me from getting any fresh video for the past two months. (Dawn was taking it, I just couldn’t get it.) During her three-day visit last week, while she was cleaning the yard or something, I copied everything and chopped four hours of stuff into nine videos, each about a minute long. Click on the large picture to play; click on the link to get more information.

After drilling our new well 250 feet through solid shale, they found…nothing. So they picked another spot up the hill and drilled 500 feet down, and found water.

We’re using BIBS — blown-in blanket system — for insulation and soundproofing. First they tack up nylon netting over all the rafters; then they blow in insulation. When finished, it really does look like a soft, fluffy blanket.

Our $2,500 clawfoot whirlpool tub was unceremoniously upended and shoved through the second floor window.
I just can’t seem to get enough of the septic system. This is a compilation of twelve tanks being installed, but the video makes it look like just one tank.

Rodney removes the old mortar, while Henry re-points with new. Not terribly exciting, but a very important part of our restoration nonetheless.

Adam Moyer using an auger to dig holes for the plumbing and air conditioning line sets. If it’s true that the man who dies with the most toys wins, Adam has us all beat.

Dawn finished stripping the windows in the mansion, all 46 of the them.