One more week of freedom

Okay, I really just said that there to irk Dawn, but I definitely understand why we decided long ago never to get married. All of my family is arriving staggered throughout the week, “the moms” are organizing the reception, I’ve set up an itinerary to keep everyone busy, and Dawn — well, Dawn’s busy destroying the wedding site.

A week ago, we had lush lawns and a picture-perfect setting. Today, the septic people have dug trenches and pits through all of that. The room we’re getting married in was selected because it was the only room with a complete ceiling; now there are chases cut through it. And to top it off, the weather channel says it will be cold and rainy.

When you think about it, though, we really wouldn’t have it any other way.

I just have one question: The day after our wedding is our 14th anniversary. Should I get Dawn a gift?