Amish Roofers II

Dawn has really gotten a kick out of the Amish roofers, for several reasons:
1) They all speak with a heavy Pennsylvania Dutch accent.
2) They arrive by 7am, and stay until 5pm.
3) Except for Melvin, they all wear traditional Amish clothes — dark pants, long-sleeve shirts, suspenders, and straw hats. When the temperature hits 100, they take off the straw hats.
4) They are all short and seem to be solid muscle; they pick up 10-pound slates like nothing.
5) They built a chute into the dumpster, and after using it twice they just started throwing stuff down.
6) They don’t mind explaining to her how things work, what the options are, and why they are doing it the way they are.
7) They are all craftsmen, and take a lot of pride in their work.
8) The only power tool they use is a small motor attached to a ladder for shuttling the slates to the top of the roof.
9) To make pilot holes, they hold the slate against their groin and stab it with an icepick. (I am not making that up.)
10) And the best reason is they gave Dawn permission to videotape them.

Nevertheless, Dawn managed to get 30 minutes of footage without ever showing their faces.