Monthly Archives: July 2005


Sprinklers resolved 7:50pm Eastern¬†– Augh…the suspense is killing me! The appeals board meeting started 45 minutes ago, and I still haven’t heard from Dawn. What could be taking so long?? That’s obviously not a good sign. If they make us install sprinklers, that’s a $50,000 expense, so you can appreciate why I am on pins […]

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2005

Robert Coleman, Millionaire Ironmaster While removing an old desk from the Paymaster’s Office, Brian and Bob found an 8-page essay entitled “Robert Coleman, Millionaire Ironmaster by Professor Frederic S. Klein.” It was hand-typed on legal paper, no doubt using one of the dozen or so manual typewriters we found in the mansion. It looks like […]

SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2005

The “This Old House” article on the top 10 historic restoration contractors in the country, which includes Gary Geiselman of Olde York Homes, will be in their October issue. The photos of Gary were taken at Speedwell Forge, and at Gary’s insistence the magazine agreed to include a small sidebar about us! Too cool.


Sprinklers Reloaded First, good news: We got approval today on refinancing our house in Los Angeles, so we now have enough funds to cover us through…September. Maybe October. Second, I opened Pandora’s box on the sprinkler appeal. When I was there over the July 4th weekend, we met with a consultant (read, building code enforcer […]

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2005

Amish roofers If you recall, we had already signed with another roofer when After Eight B&B recommended an Amish roofer, Lantz Roofing. His bid was less than everyone else and his references were impeccable, but the real reason we decided to go with him is that he had Peach Bottom slate. Peach Bottom is in […]


Lancaster Farming Now, another article, this one from 1960 when Speedwell Forge turned 200. It has a good picture of Dawn’s father and grandfather. (The other two photos — cows in the circle, the mansion with some 1950’s cars — I published earlier from the original photos.) Sadly, the article references Steven Darlington III, who […]

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2005

Appeal scheduled We submitted our appeal almost a month ago, and they were supposed to set a hearing date within 30 days. Well, we hadn’t heard anything so Dawn called this morning, and found out the appeal was scheduled for July 14th (two days from now) AND THEY FORGOT TO NOTIFY US. In their defense, […]

MONDAY, JULY 11, 2005

Bath fixtures While I harbor no illusions that anyone is interested in our fixtures list, we’ve spent so much time on it that it would be a shame not to include it. Dawn asked me not to include prices, but I can say it will be about $30,000 total, not including the kitchen. Ouch. Addendum: […]


July visit I just got back from a brief five-day visit. In addition to seeing the 1784 transfer agreement: We gave two tours that were a lot of fun. On my next trip in September, I’m going to contact some of the local historic societies and see if they are interested. After September, they’ll be […]