The bank called today — our mortgage request fell through. This is the second one that said everything was goodness and light, and then turned around and said we needed a commercial loan. The first one wasted almost three weeks; this one wasted four weeks. I’m getting very anxious, as we burn through our savings…

Next option is to try two separate loans: One on the house in California, and a smaller loan on the farm. I really didn’t anticipate this, but then so far nothing I’ve predicted has come true:

Expectation Reality
Use savings, finish debt-free Take out a substantial loan
Finish July 2005 Finish spring 2006
Get support from local officials Get hassled by local officials
Install a turn-around in front, turn delapidated tractor shed into parking in back Install parking in front, leave delapidated tractor shed as-is
Pay for restoration as a business expense Pay as a personal expense
Move to PA to start restoration Dawn moves alone; be apart for a year
Live in summer kitchen Live in greenhouse
Have cell phone service Have cell phone doorstop
Don’t touch rest of farm Spend weeks cleaning up rest of farm
Cosmetic repairs Replace entire electric, plumbing, heating, cooling, and septic systems (complete with bog turtle survey)
“Green” Conventional
Open kitchen fireplace Install kitchen island
Open fireplaces; convert to gas Keep small fireplaces, install electric
Complete National Register listing by August 2004 Complete National Register listing by August 2006
Put the electric meter on the center pole Put the electric meter on the privy
Patch the roof Replace the roof
No sprinklers Sprinklers
Fix back porch Remove back porch
Use the furniture as-is Completely restore all the furniture
Underground aerobic treatment unit Sand mound
Wallpaper Paint

On the bright side, how many more things can go wrong?