Memorial Day Weekend

Wow. Every so often, the clouds clear and I realize what an unbelievable schmuck I am. More often than that, though, somebody points out what an unbelieveable schmuck I am. This was the case today, when someone noted that my “problems” yesterday were really:
1. Saved $8,000 on the electric
2. Saved $40,000 on the roof
3. Saved $60,000 on the heating and cooling

In other words, in one day this project went back to being within our budget, and I was complaining about it! What is wrong with me? Perhaps I secretly harbor a desire for this project to fail, so that I can return to my original idea of retiring to Northern California? No, after this project, the only place we’ll be able to afford is northern Idaho.

So the bad news is now good news, thanks to a little trick known as “reality check.”

I’ll be in Pennsylvania for the three-day weekend; here’s my to-do list:

  • Arrive Friday morning at 8:30am
  • Meet the insurance guy at 11am
  • Meet Bonnie Wilkinson-Mark of PHMC Friday at noon
  • Visit Charming Forge on Saturday
  • Give tour Satuday at 2
  • Go out to dinner on Saturday
  • Check references on the new roofer
  • Visit the Old Line Museum in Peach Bottom (open Sunday 1-5 only)
  • Determine paint colors
  • Set up wolf cam
  • Set up computer for a friend
  • Review septic plans
  • Submit sprinkler appeal
  • Visit the Lebanon Historic Society
  • Discuss HVAC with Adam Moyer
  • Transcribe any new videos or pictures
  • Buy wine for co-workers at Mt Hope Winery, chocolate for co-workers at Wilbur’s, and donuts for co-workers at Turkey Hill (I have very spoiled co-workers)
  • Fix mom’s computer
  • Talk to Sid Adams, fire chief
  • Review furniture list
  • Get/clean rugs from Mechanicsburg
  • Fix Dawn’s webcam
  • Move VCR
  • Clean out D’s old room
  • Measure Aquarius stairs
  • Buy magnetic vehicle signs
  • Clean out paymaster’s office
  • Meet with Wachovia bank
  • Visit Tupelhocken Manor
  • Buy summer sheets for Dawn
  • Visit Christmas Tree Hill, in York
  • Order skeleton keys
  • Fly out Tuesday morning at 6:00am

Obviously I won’t get to all of that, so you’ll be seeing much of this again on my to-do list in July.