Restoration Clinic et al

This morning we drove to Mechanicsburg to visit Dawn’s furniture. The Restoration Clinic had prepared an exhaustive list of all the work required, and it was way out of our budget, so we needed to pare it back. Now picture four people standing in a tractor-trailer stacked floor to ceiling, trying to review a forty-page list of problems. It was not pleasant. Finally, Marsha came to the rescue and said, “Look, you need five beds, four dressers, twenty-four chairs, and a dining table — let us do those first, and you can deal with the rest later.” Brilliant!

This evening we met with Geoff and James Brown, twin brothers who restored Tulpehocken Manor, a 27-room Victorian mansion just fifteen minutes away. (I found them when I was trying to get Central PA magazine to do a story on us, and they said they just did a restoration story on them. Hmph.) We gave them a tour of the mansion but unfortunately didn’t have time to see their manor. Next time. And I continue to be surprised (and dismayed) by the google searches that lead people to this web site…

  • Gary Geiselman (our contractor)
  • Sandrine Lacorie (our original web designer)
  • Dumpster rental Delaware county PA (we’re listed #8)
  • Septic Module (we’re #4, lovely)
  • Dawn Diehm (not sure who this is, but the person looking for her was on my site for three hours! Talk about ADD…)

We also got our first international visitor — someone from South Korea searching for “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Needless to say, he didn’t stay long.