How to make Dawn cry

First, make her quit her job, move cross-country by herself with a bare minimumm of possessions, live in a greenhouse next to her mother and without a car, and tell her to supervise a 15-month construction project. Then, throw in a low-level bureaucrat who says her papers are not in order. Works every time. Dawn went to the DMV this morning to get her driver’s license, and was told she needed an original social security card. (I have to point out, futilely, that this requirement is not listed on their web site.) So she called me at 7am my time, bawling. I know it was just a lot of pent-up frustration, so I tried to be supportive. I’m not usually supportive at 7am. Want to know how to make Gregg cry? Tell him that all the money he spent last year on the business is not tax-deductible, because the B&B wasn’t open yet. (And try to tell him this four days before taxes are due.) Of course, he won’t cry right away; not until he gets home and updates his tax forms and sees how much more he has to pay. Works every time.