Lancaster New Era 2

Oops, forgot to mention the newspaper article came out yesterday.

At first I was upset about several of the things he mentioned, but then I realized that he got those things off my blog, so I really had no room to talk. And I shared it with all my friends who said it was a great article and told me to shut up. So now they’re all ex-friends.

Two interesting things came of this: A man wandered up to the mansion looking for work, and a woman at a hardware store stopped Dawn (who was buying dust masks) to discuss the article. Wait, it gets better: the woman used to be a waitress at the Sutter Inn, and she remembered Dawn from when she was a little girl and her parents brought her to eat. Now that’s a small world.

Addendum: The article is no longer on-line, so I scanned it in (and paid for permission to post it):