Our new contractor wanted to have a site meeting with all of his subs. Unfortunately, that meant I had to fly out, too.

I arrived at 10am Saturday, and had to meet the contractor at 1pm. I think this was karma for me sending Dawn to that township meeting last October. Today, I met with about a dozen subcontractors, who crawled around the house for four hours.

Afterwards, Gary (the contractor) and I went over to the township to see how the permits were progressing. We have two meetings coming up (the planning commission and board of supervisors) and if they give us tentative approval, Rita will give us the building permit without waiting for the septic system. That was very good news.

In my spare time I set up a new computer for my mother-in-law, cleaned out a large closet in the mansion, and gave two tours. I think I got a total of 12 hours sleep in the last three days, but it was productive.