Merry Christmas!

We just arrived in Pennsylvania, and went in search of our septic field. We knew they had moved it, saying something about the “nitrate plume” and “high quality watershed” and “12 degree slope” and other such nonsense, but we had no idea where they had moved it to. Well, they put it a quarter-mile away, at the top of a hill! It’s an insane distance! The only problem is, the township has already approved that spot, so we couldn’t move it if we wanted to. The good news, I guess, is that you can’t see it from the house.

On the bright side, they did end up approving a single ‘community’ system for all of the houses. I don’t know why they fought that at the beginning – heck, I don’t even know why they re-considered it – but I’ll take my victories any way I can.