Second Pre-App Meeting

Not taking any chances, Dawn attended the second meeting. It was scheduled for a Thursday morning, so she took a red-eye Wednesday night, arrived in Harrisburg at 10:15am, had to be at the township office at 11am, and it was a 45-minute drive. If it had been me, everything would have gone wrong. She was five minutes early.

I already mentioned Dawn went to school with one of the township supervisors. At this meeting, the Brickerville fire chief was present, and Dawn recognized her old school bus driver! (He just wanted to make sure there was adequate access for fire trucks; we got sign-off a week later.)

As mentioned, the county agreed to the one-lane driveway with a pull-off, and all of the other requirements (storm water detention, ground disturbance, wetlands analysis, etc.) went away. The pull-off will add about $2,000 to the cost of the project.

We also agreed to use “porous pavement” to get around the water ordinance. This is just regular pavement without the top layer (which is what makes it waterproof) and a 15″ layer of crushed stone underneath (to trap the water). It’s more expensive than regular pavement, but cheaper than putting in dry wells.

So we are a “go” again. I had to call everyone that I talked to last month and eat a little crow. I don’t think Carole Wilson forgave me — I made a really stupid comment before — but everyone else was happy to hear.