Diehm & Sons

Since our contractor wasn’t doing anything, Dawn called Deihm & Sons about the septic planning module.

The “planning module” consists of locating an appropriate site for the septic system – sounds simple, right? Well, after you determine the size of the septic (in gallons per day) then you have to do a hydrogeologic study to determine the soil conditions, which dictate your nitrate plume so you can locate the leach field, which then needs to be “perced” (post holes filled with water had to drain within a certain amount of time) and “probed” (holes dug with a back-hoe had to be inspected), and finally the whole module has to get approval from the township sewage enforcement office, the planning commission, the board of supervisors, the county, and the state Dept of Environmental Protection. Since all of these approvals have to happen in order, and since we can not get our building permit until they are all complete, I think we can expect to start in 2007. Why didn’t our contractor tell us this a year ago??

This is very, very bad.