Monthly Archives: July 2004

MONDAY, JULY 19, 2004

Architect 2 I met with Bruce Evans, the architect, today. He had taken all the plans that Dawn and I spent countless hours on, threw them in the trash, and started from scratch. He’s very soft spoken and it’s hard to get a feel for where he’s coming from, but his plans seem fine, so […]


Land Development Plan We hired David Christian & Associates to handle the county requirements. I do not like hiring people without meeting them, but unless I want to fly in every week, I don’t have much choice. Dave’s going to set up a “pre-app” meeting between the township and county to nail down the requirements. […]


Zoning 3 You probably won’t believe this, but the township did not have a building code. In fact, a lot of townships in Pennsylvania didn’t have one, so in 2004 the state forced all municipalities to adopt one. The problem is, when you’re dealing with an historic house, there isn’t much that is up to […]

TUESDAY, JULY 20, 2004

Furniture Gary Kopperman visited and looked at the furniture. Because of the roof leak, the humidity in the house was very high, and he recommended we move the furniture into a climate-controlled storage. I don’t want to do that, yet – the furniture has been fine for 20 years, it will be fine for a […]

SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2004

Zoning 2 First, the good news: I met with the Elizabeth Township zoning commission and they approved my petition for an exemption to operate a B&B in a rural zone. Now, the bad news: I also met with the county engineer, and found out we’ve only just begun our regulatory hurdles. Apparently, any change of […]