Monthly Archives: June 2004


Cleaning 2 On our last day in PA, our friends at Forgotten Seasons B&B invited us over for breakfast so we could see what that was like. (We would have gladly made breakfast and cleaned the rooms just to see what that was like, too, but don’t tell them that.) It was a very productive […]

TUESDAY, JUNE 08, 2004

Ownership We have a new wrinkle in our plans: We need to own the property. The historic tax credits can only go to the owner, they are not transferable, and Dawn’s mother doesn’t pay enough tax to take advantage of them, so…we have to be the owners. And we have to be the owners before […]


Bill Coleman Bill Coleman, a direct descendent of Robert Coleman, invited us over to see the Coleman-Stiegel mansion. It is older, larger, and grander than ours, and completely restored. We were green with envy. He even has original portraits of Robert Coleman and Anne Old, but we couldn’t get them off the wall. When Bill […]

TUESDAY, JUNE 01, 2004

Gratitude We were planning to go to Georgia next week to visit my family, but they cancelled at the last minute, so we re-routed our trip to Pennsylvania. It’s just as well – we’ve got so much to do. In addition to our unceasing efforts to clean the place, we need to meet about ten […]