FRIDAY, MARCH 05, 2004


Today we formed Speedwell Forge B&B, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation, with Dawn as President and me as Treasurer and Secretary. I immediately regretted that, as Dawn took to barking orders like, “take a letter” and “get me coffee.” Oh wait, she did that before, too. 😉

We also registered the web site. (“” was already taken.) I set up the first draft of the web site, and quickly realized I needed professional help. (The web kind, thank you!)

[Note: I wish I still had a copy of that web site — besides the cheesy text, all of my pictures were pre-December clean-up, and generally focused on the problems. So you’d see a bedroom shot with a sagging mattress, no sheets, a bunch of junk on the floor, and a hole in the ceiling. It was precious.]