So You Want To Be An Innkeeper

Years ago, I made the stipulation that if we were going to invest our life’s savings in restoring the mansion, it had to be self-sustaining – that is, it wouldn’t become a money pit – and Dawn suggested a B&B. She even called it “Grandma’s House” because, after all, that was her Grandma’s house.

Now, a lot of people talk about opening a B&B, but I think they really just want a good tax write-off. Inviting strangers into your home requires a lot of trust, patience, and dedication, none of which Dawn or I possess. So we bought a book (called, appropriately enough, “So You Want To Be An Innkeeper”) which basically said that the best innkeepers would never want to be innkeepers. That was encouraging.

It turns out the authors also run a workshop in Santa Barbara, so we’re going to sign up. If nothing else, it’s a good tax write-off.