Speedwell Forge has a long and rich history. Today it is the finest Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster County, PA.

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2006

Paymaster’s Office

I think the Paymaster’s Office is the second coolest building on the property. (The coolest, of course, is the┬áprivy.) But you can’t live in the privy, and you don’t get all of these other benefits:

The paymaster window. How many other buildings are divided by a wall with a double-hung […]

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MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2006

Todd Auker
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The people on this project have been fantastic. Todd is no exception. I’m not sure how Dawn found him, but it was a last minute thing, and he had to squeeze us into his schedule. (Which meant he would do […]

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Brian Schaeffer
I feel bad for Brian because, while he’s probably put in the most time on the project, his work will be the least appreciated.

That’s not because his work is poor — on the contrary, he does excellent work, and he approaches every job with such care and attention to […]

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TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2006

Leaders and followers

Make no bones about it: I’m a follower. I must hold a record for belonging to the most Pennsylvania organizations without actually residing (or ever resided) in the state. Here’s the list I’ve joined, am joining, or am trying to join:

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Lititz […]

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