Quiet and comfortable, this cozy room features a queen-size antique sleigh bed, seating area and private bath (shower only).

There are multiple views of the property, including the beautiful creek.

Bill's is a cozy roomThe private shower is part of this cozy room

  • Seating area
  • An authentic Amish quilt
  • Hairdryer
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Cable TV with DVD/CD player
  • Perfect for couples, singles, and business travelers!
  • Wonderful views of the property
  • A full three-course breakfast all included at no extra charge.

This room is only $135 per night plus tax!

You always enjoy access to the parlor and library, and of course a full three-course breakfast each morning. Business travelers, please let us know if you need a breakfast to go.

While you are here be sure to visit the amazing Wolf Sanctuary of PA which is located on our grounds. Learn more about the sanctuary by visiting the website.

The room originally belonged to Dawn’s father, Bill. When Dawn was a child, she loved to hide in the closet.

Testimonials for Bill’s Room

April 11, 2013- April 12, 2013

Wolves! We came to hear and see these noble gifts from nature. But no creature is born for mankind’s sake, but for their own. We are not their owners or masters, but their best guardians. They are attuned to the rhythms of the earth, and are one with it.

Thank you, Speedwell Forge, and your wolf sanctuary which shelters the displaced . Blessings on all of you.

Rachel and Carl

April 11, 2013- April 12, 2013 - Bill's Room