TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2006

Leaders and followers

Make no bones about it: I’m a follower. I must hold a record for belonging to the most Pennsylvania organizations without actually residing (or ever resided) in the state. Here’s the list I’ve joined, am joining, or am trying to join:

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
The Lancaster Chamber of […]

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American Chestnuts
The world is an amazingly small place.

Several years ago, I read an article in Nature Conservancy about American chestnut trees. In the 18th century, they accounted for one-quarter of all trees in the Northeast. They grew up to eighty feet straight up, their wood was light, strong, and […]

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National Historic Register

Brilliant article in the Lancaster New Era today:
Mansion at Speedwell Forge makes U.S. register, LancasterOnline.com
Some interesting facts about the National Register:

In Lancaster County, there are 212 sites (including us) on the National Register. By comparison, York has 92, Berks County has 130, and Lebanon has 24. (Chester […]

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TUESDAY, JUNE 06, 2006

Grand opening July 23, 2006 – You’re invited!

I would like to say that Dawn and I drew up a list of everything that still needed to be accomplished, set down a reasonable timetable, built in sufficient contingency, and then selected an opening date. However, we more or less just […]

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